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The Transportation Brief®

  • The Transportation Brief®: A Quarterly Newsletter of Legal News, Winter 2018
    In this issue:
     • The New Tax Law Overview
     • Business Income Tax Rates
     • Temporary 100% Expensing
     • Like-Kind Exchange
     • The Tax Law and Motor-Carrier-Sponsored Per Diem Plans
     • Spotlight on Scopelitis’ Taxation Practice Area
     • Scopelitis For the Record
     • Scopelitis Attorneys on the Road
     • Dispatches
  • The Transportation Brief®: A Quarterly Newsletter of Legal News, Autumn 2017
    In this issue:
     • Unassigned Miles and Managing AOBRD and ELD Data
     • FMCSA Exemptions to the ELD Mandate
     • AOBRD v. ELD
     • ELDs Present Unique Opportunities and Challenges for Shippers and Intermediaries
     • Spotlight on Regulatory Compliance Practice Area's ELD Review and Audits
     • Scopelitis Attorneys On the Road
  • The Transportation Brief®: A Quarterly Newsletter of Legal News, Summer 2017
                 In this issue:
                  • Best Practices for Structuring Lease-Purchase Programs
                  • Occupational Accident Coverage in the Gig Economy
                  • Arbitration with OwnerOperators Continues to Offer Promise and Peril
                  • The Burdens of Employing California Workers Continue to Grow
                  • Spotlight on Scopelitis’ Collaborative Economy/Emerging Technology Portfolio
                  • Scopelitis Attorneys on the Road
  • The Transportation Brief®: A Quarterly Newsletter of Legal News, Spring 2017
                  In this issue:
                  • FCPA Compliance Delay - What's the Risk?
                  • New FDA Rule - Are Your Documents in Order?
                  • Ninth Circuit Nixes Sleeper Berth Claim
                  • Graves Amendment Shields Lessor from Liability
                  • Uber's Recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Settlement Coudl Provide Lessons for Lease/Purchase Programs in Trucking
                  • Spotlight on Scopelitis Legislative Services
    • The Transportation Brief®: A Quarterly Newsletter of Legal News, Winter 2017
                   In this issue:
                    • 2017 Industry News & Insights
                    • Warehouse Claims - How to Respond, Defend, Settle
                    • First Circuit Deals Blow to Hair Testing
                    • Ohio Commercial Activity Tax Audits on the Rise
    • The Transportation Brief®: A quarterly newsletter of legal news for the clients and friends -- Autumn 2016 Vol. 23 No. 4
      In this issue:
      • The Scopelitis Law Firm Launches New Consulting Business
      • Protecting IC Status Requires More Than a Well-Drafted Contract
      • EPA Enforcement of California Clean Air Rules Knows No (State) Boundaries
      • Gearing up for the Impending ELD Mandate
    • The Transportation Brief®: A quarterly newsletter of legal news for the clients and friends -- Summer 2016 Vol. 23 No .3
      In this issue:
      • California Trucking Association Challenges State Misclassification Claims
      • 7th Circuit Sides with NLRB on Class Arbitration Waivers Creating Circuit Split
      • ELDs — To Charge or Not to Charge?
      • New Salary Threshold for Exempt Workers
      • Compliance with the FDA Rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food
      • Chicago Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
      • Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 affords additional protection to trade secrets
    • Spring 2016 Vol. 23 No. 2
      • Global Expansion of Bribery Law Enforcement Tests Transportation and Logistics Links in the Supply Chain
      • Sanitary Food Transportation Rules — Do Your Contracts Protect Your Company’s Interests?
      • FMCSA Proposes Sweeping Changes to Carrier Safety Ratings
      • Congress Moves Forward with For-Hire Delivery by Drone in FAA Reauthorization Legislation
      • U.S. Department of Labor Misclassification Initiatives Inspire State Unemployment Tax Audits
      • FMCSA Regulated Entities to Establish FMCSA Portal Accounts
      • Companies with California-Based Operations Face Increase in Audits Conducted by Workers’ Compensation Insurers
    • Winter 2016 Vol. 23 No. 1
      • Highway Bill Holds FMCSA’s Feet to the Fire on CSA Data Use
      • Despite Privatization, CSA Scores Remain Critical to Due Diligence
      • FAST Act May Support Inadmissibility of CSA Data
      • Impact of Recent Developments on Carrier Selection Decisions
      • The Ever Changing Legal Landscape of Drones
      • Submitting Comments On Recent Safety Fitness Determination Proposed Rule
    • Autumn 2015 Vol. 22 No. 3
      • Grassroots Efforts are Critical to Legislative Success or Failure
      • National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Expands Scope of Joint Employer Status Under National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
      • Potential Effort to Expand Joint Employment Under OSHA
      • Carriers’ Charge-Back Practices Drawing the Attention of Plaintiffs’ Bar
      • U.S. Department of Labor’s New Interpretation Broadens Its Attack on Misclassification of Independent Contractors
      • U.S. Department of Labor issues updated forms
      • The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has increased its focus on audits and enforcement
    • Summer 2015 Vol. 22 No. 2
      • Opening of Mexican Border is Unlikelyto Alleviate Driver Shortage
      • Immigration Programs No “Silver Bullet” for Driver Shortage
      • The New Tool in the FMCSA’S Tool Box
      • Multiple DOT Numbers?
      • Scopelitis Expands Global Footprint
    • Spring 2015 Vol. 22 No. 1
      • Emerging Transportation Issues in the Sharing Economy
      • States Should Reform Laws on Seatbelt Non-Admissibility
      • Surviving Government Enforcement Actions
      • Don’t Let Tax Turtles Creep Into Your Per Diem Plan
    • Autumn 2014 Vol. 21 No. 4
      • Favorable Preemption Ruling Provides Potential Defense to Misclassification Lawsuits
      • State Unemployment Agencies Awarded Federal Funds to Combat Worker Misclassification
      • Two Checks? Proceed with Caution…
      • Self-Audits Offer Protection Against Reclassification
      • California courts address class certification in indepenedent-contractor matters
      • Ninth Circuit reverses lower court's finding that California's meal and rest break rules were preempted by the FAAAA
    • Summer 2014 Vol. 21 No. 3
      • Smartphones Spawn Thorny Issues in the Accident Setting
      • Protection of Employees’ Social Media Activities on the Rise
      • Telematics – Efficiency or Control?
      • HOS Amendment Stalled; ELD Mandate on the Horizon
      • Proposed rule eliminates distinction between paper and electronic documents
      • The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a challenge to the CSA program
      • Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signs the Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act