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Kelli M. Block

Practice Concentration

Ms. Block's practice is devoted to serving clients on a wide variety of legal issues, with a concentration on independent contractor issues directly facing the transportation industry. Ms. Block focuses her practice on the representation of transportation carriers, freight-forwarders, and logistics companies in regulatory compliance, transportation contract review, owner-operator leasing arrangements, insurance disputes, and IRS matters. Ms. Block also counsels clients on insurance program development and alternative risk programs.


Kelli M. Block counsels clients on a wide array of regulatory and transportation–related issues. Ms. Block regularly advises motor carrier and other transportation intermediary clients regarding reclassification of independent contractor owner-operators as employees, insurance and alternative risk management programs, and general business strategies and operational models. Additionally, Ms. Block is an experienced litigator who assists in the defense of motor carrier client interests concerning state and federal tax matters, as well as class action litigation alleging wage, hour, and other employment law and regulatory violations.

On The Road

  • Update on Independent Contractor Rulings, Laws, Bills, and Other Developments Across the Country
    Jan 16, 2020, Kelli M. Block, Scopelitis Webinar Series
    An update regarding the latest information developing across the county, from California’s controversial AB 5 to New Jersey’s S4204. In addition, an overview of best practices, contract provisions, and common mistakes that can create legal jeopardy in motor carriers’ dealings with owner-operator/ independent contractors. 
  • Protecting the Independent Contractor Model
    Sep 10, 2019, Kelli M. Block, FTR Transportation Intelligence 2019 Transportation Conference - Indianapolis, IN
  • Safety Oversight, Telematics and Balancing Safety and Control
    May 21, 2019, Kelli M. Block, American Trucking Association (ATA) Webinar Series

    As many motor carriers have experienced, working with independent contractors and managing telematic tools like electronic logging devices (ELDs) presents many challenges. This webinar duided motor carriers in the implementation of telematics and other safety-related devices in an independent contractor fleet. Topics covered included:
                       - What to do when the mandated use of telematic and safety related devices run afoul of the federal leasing regulations
                       - What control a motor carrier may assert while still avoiding misclassification claims
                       - How safety incentives may be utilized to encourage adoption
    Additionally, efforts to enact legislation that protect Independent Contractor status while encouraging adoption of safety-related devices were reviewed and discussed.

  • Latest Developments in Owner-Operator Status and Related Issues
    May 16, 2019, Kelli M. Block, Scopelitis Webinar Series

    This session addressed the evolving landscape of owner-operator independent contractor issues both at the state and federal level. It also identified case law and legislation that might signal changes in judicial temperament, as well as case law and legislation that suggests business as usual. The Firm’s presenters identified potential challenges and best practices for operating under an independent contractor model. 

  • Did You Hear the One About the Attorney?
    Apr 11, 2018, Kelli M. Block, Transportation Intermediaries Association Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition - Palm Desert, CA
  • Independent Contractor Challenges
    Jul 14, 2016, Kelli M. Block, Scopelitis Webinar Series