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Thomas Gonzalez

Practice Concentration

Thomas’ practice focuses on liability, cargo and freight charge disputes. 


Tom has been representing the interests of the transportation industry for more than 20 years.  He is a trial attorney who regularly defends transportation entities against tort claims.  He also applies his wealth of civil and criminal trial experience to clients’ cargo and freight charge disputes.  His experience in the courtroom lets him counsel clients on avoiding litigation while also handling their matters at trial and through appeal if necessary. 


  • Transportation Brief: Spotlight on Cargo Claim Practice
    Many people assume the Carmack Amendment (Carmack) exclusively controls their cargo claim disputes related to interstate shipments. However, due to certain contract provisions in shipper or broker/carrier agreements, Carmack may take a back seat. Unfortunately, it is often not until a court interprets the contract with conflicting provisions that the parties have a definitive answer to their dispute. Read more from the Scopelitis team that helps clients navigate the cargo claims process, both pre- and post-suit.
  • Transportation Brief: Spotlight Cargo Claim & Freight Charge Practice
    The global supply chain crisis, paired with the continuing challenges of the pandemic, means motor carriers, cargo brokers, freight forwarders, and shippers are experiencing a significant increase in claims related to delay and cargo damage as well as a slowdown in the payment of freight charges, yet the demands for payment have generally increased. Thus, in the current environment, force majeure clauses have taken on increased importance because they can help transportation providers protect themselves from claims when circumstances beyond their control preclude performance or delay performance. Read more on how the Firm's Cargo Claims team regularly assists clients with addressing cargo claim and freight charge issues. Equally important, the team can help mitigate exposure before issues arise.
  • Transportation Brief: Shipping Contract Language Can Impact Broker Liability
    The Wisconsin Court of Appeals issued an opinion highlighting how contract language can increase liability exposure for cargo and property brokers when there is insufficient insurance coverage. Read more about the case reinforces the importance of scrutinizing contract language.
  • Transportation Brief: Spotlight on Expansion of Scopelitis’ Milwaukee Office
    The Firm recently announced the addition of four attorneys who bring extensive experience in transportation law – one in accident litigation and the others in workers’ compensation defense.
  • News from Scopelitis: Scopelitis Expands Milwaukee Office
    Scopelitis recently announced the addition of four new attorneys in its Milwaukee office. The four bring extensive experience in transportation law – one in accident litigation, and the others in workers’ compensation defense – to the national transportation law firm.