Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.



Testimonial Details

My first exposure to SGLH&F was in 1998, following my first year of law school at Indiana University - Indianapolis. From the beginning, the experience was different from what many of my classmates experienced at other firms. When I arrived to interview, I expected an hour-long intensive interrogation from a single attorney. By the time I left almost five hours later, I had two parking tickets and had learned volumes of information about the people of SGLH&F. Almost twenty attorneys took the time to meet with me, and we discussed firm life, law school, hobbies and many other topics. I drove home from the interview with a sense that I would fit in and a genuine feeling of excitement about the firm.
During my first summer, I received projects from every attorney in our Indianapolis office involving many different areas of the law. For example, I prepared charts and spreadsheets in support of a complaint involving a large cargo claim and assisted on a sales tax refund in three states for a motor carrier client. After my first summer, I continued on as a part-time clerk during the school year and returned full time as a summer associate in May of 1999. During this time, attorneys kept me actively involved in the various cases upon which I had worked. Regarding the sales tax refund, I was in constant contact with various state agencies and the client throughout the refund application process and was the one to call the client to let it know the refund checks were on their way. The cargo claim on which I worked during my first summer settled at a federal court settlement conference almost three years later. My role in that case increased from preparing attachments to the complaint to developing the theory of the case and the arguments that we presented at the settlement conference.

I cannot imagine working for another law firm. The work here is challenging and interesting, and the people with whom I work are unparalleled. I have never met such a collection of talented, intelligent, and thoughtful people. I chose SGLH&F as the place to begin my career, not as a starting point that I would try out for a few years before shopping for a new firm, but as the right place for me while raising a family and the firm in which I would someday like to be a partner. It was one of the best choices that I ever made