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Testimonial Details

As an undergraduate English major who found it impossible to drag my new family through Joyce's Dublin, Hemingway's Paris or Merton's monastery in search of the muse, I decided to become an attorney, which, I felt, was the best practical means of making a living by bringing words on a page to life. Upon coming to SGLH&F in the summer of 1999, I was immediately afforded the opportunity to apply this principle, and the experience has exceeded my expectations.
I chose SGLH&F due to its focus on law in the substantive and practical senses and the prospect of working with some of the best writers and litigators in the profession. I also benefited greatly from the firm's dedication to assigning work to the summer associate from each of the attorneys in a given office. Thus, not only is the summer associate able to meet and interact professionally with each attorney, but he or she is also exposed to all of the firm's practice areas. This professional interaction fosters social interaction with and among the attorneys, which, in turn, contributes to the close-knit atmosphere within the firm.

All in all, the firm's national practice, its outstanding group of attorneys and its close-knit atmosphere provided me with the best summer associate opportunity for which I could have hoped