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The Transportation Brief®

  • Autumn 2014 Vol. 21 No. 4
    • Favorable Preemption Ruling Provides Potential Defense to Misclassification Lawsuits
    • State Unemployment Agencies Awarded Federal Funds to Combat Worker Misclassification
    • Two Checks? Proceed with Caution…
    • Self-Audits Offer Protection Against Reclassification
    • California courts address class certification in indepenedent-contractor matters
    • Ninth Circuit reverses lower court's finding that California's meal and rest break rules were preempted by the FAAAA
  • Summer 2014 Vol. 21 No. 3
    • Smartphones Spawn Thorny Issues in the Accident Setting
    • Protection of Employees’ Social Media Activities on the Rise
    • Telematics – Efficiency or Control?
    • HOS Amendment Stalled; ELD Mandate on the Horizon
    • Proposed rule eliminates distinction between paper and electronic documents
    • The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a challenge to the CSA program
    • Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signs the Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act
  • Spring 2014 Vol.21 No. 2
    • Which Regulations Apply to Carriers Utilizing Vehicles Weighing Less Than 10,001 lbs.?
    • FMCSA Faces Court Challenges to Increased Broker Bond and CSA Program
    • 62c Employee Expense Reimbursement Programs
    • Broker and Freight Forwarder Authority Under MAP-21
    • M&A Due Diligence: Unclaimed Property Liability Considerations
    • FDA has published anticipated timelines for implementing the requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act
  • Winter 2014 Vol. 21 No. 1
    • Brokers and Freight Forwarders Rely on Federal Preemption
    • Massachusetts Issues Rare Misclassification Decision Favorable to Transportation Industry
    • The Dangers of Texting While Driving
    • California Court Supports Insurance Chargebacks to Independent Contractors