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Law Alert: Permanent Injunction Issued on DOL’s Overtime Rule

by Gregory M. Feary, A. Jack Finklea, James H. Hanson, Andrew K. Light, David D. Robinson

August 31, 2017

Permanent Injunction Issued on DOL’s Overtime Rule

A Texas judge just issued his final order rejecting the U.S. Department of Labor’s attempt to raise the salary level for “white collar” exemptions from overtime.  The same judge granted a preliminary stay of the rule in late 2016 just before the rule was set to take effect.  The judge’s final order holds that the DOL, by raising the salary threshold so dramatically, impermissibly rendered meaningless the exempt duties performed by otherwise exempt employees.  The DOL, prior to today’s final order, has indicated it wishes to change the rule, and the DOL has solicited public feedback on what direction a new rule should take.

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