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Transportation Brief: Canada’s Final ELD Rule

August 8, 2019

Canada’s Final ELD Rule

Transport Canada published its final ELD rule with a compliance date of June 12, 2021. While there is significant overlap with the U.S. ELD rule, there are notable differences of which cross-border motor carriers should be aware. First, when operating a commercial motor vehicle in Canada (even on a temporary basis), a motor carrier must operate with an ELD that complies with the Canadian ELD rule. The Canadian ELD rule requires ELDs to be certified through third-party testing prior to use in Canada.  There is not a grandfathering period for use of non-certified or U.S. “self-certified” ELDs. Next, personal conveyance will be capped at 75 kilometers in a 24-hour period, and any movement beyond this limitation will result in an automatic duty-status change to “on-duty driving.” Driver- and motor carrier-malfunctions are treated differently under the Canadian ELD rule, and motor carriers will be required to maintain a detailed log of malfunctions. Lastly, the Canadian ELD rule exempts ELD use for rentals up to 30 days in length and for drivers operating under either a permit or statutory exemption. It is expected that many self-certified U.S. ELD vendors will offer an over-the-air software upgrade to assist with compliant cross-border operations.

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