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Transportation Brief: Export Air Cargo Rules Changing in July

by Braden K. Core, Nathaniel G. Saylor

June 2, 2021

On July 1, 2021, the rules governing cargo offered for international air transportation will undergo a significant change. The distinction between cargo moving on passenger aircraft and cargo moving on all-cargo aircraft will be eliminated, such that comparable security measures must be applied to all cargo regardless of the type of aircraft. The upshot is that cargo tendered to all-cargo aircraft will now need to be screened. The Transportation Security Administration is in the process of developing amendments to security programs used by Indirect Air Carriers and Certified Cargo Screening Facilities to reflect this change. In addition, the agency is exploring the establishment of an “alternative framework” to screening and options for cargo that cannot be screened using existing technologies. In the meantime, IACs and CCSFs should make plans for the screening of export cargo moving on all-cargo aircraft.



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