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The Transportation Brief® - On the Road

  • Intro to Warehouse Law Course
    Jan 12, 2020, Kevin  M. Phillips, World Food Logistics Organization’s WFLO Institute West - Tempe, AZ
  • Case Studies in Warehouse Law
    Jan 27, 2020, Kevin  M. Phillips, World Food Logistics Organization’s WFLO Institute West - Tempe, AZ
  • Risk Management – Transportation Exposures
    Jan 12, 2020, World Food Logistics Organization’s WFLO Institute West - Tempe, AZ
  • Andy Light, Tim Wiseman, Shannon Cohen, Don Vogel, Becky Trenner, Bill Brejcha, Fritz Damm, Kathleen Jeffries, Tim Cochren and J.D. Robinson attended the TLA Regional Seminar and Bootcamp, January 23-24, in Chicago, IL
  • CA AB5 Issues
    Feb 8, 2020, Gregory M. Feary, National Tank Truck Carriers’ Winter Membership and Board Meeting - Naples, FL
  • Ryan Wright will attend the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ Convention & Trade Show, February 11-13, in Las Vegas, NV
  • Broker/3PL/Carrier Agreements – Beware What You Sign
    Feb 19, 2020, Gregory M. Feary, Customized Logistics and Delivery Association’s Final Mile Forum - Miami, FL
  • John Greene will attend the Texas Transportation Association Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and TruckPAC meeting, February 27-28, in Austin, TX
  • The Erosion of Entrepreneurship
    Mar 1, 2020, Gregory M. Feary, Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Convention - Kissimmee, FL
  • Predictive Scheduling – The Next Big Challenge for the Trucking Industry
    Mar 1, 2020, James H. Hanson, North American Transportation Employee Relations Association’s (NATERA) Conference - Orlando, FL
  • Golden Rule Case Study
    Apr 26, 2020, Jim L. Golden, Motivation and Incentive MBA Classes - Harvard Business School
  • Kathleen Jeffries will participate in the Executive Committee Meeting at the Transportation Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference, April 29-May 2, in Amelia Island, FL. Fritz Damm will participate as Recruiting and Membership Chair and Past President.
  • SSI Session "Surviving TSA Inspections and Enforcement Cases" Panel
    Jan 28, 2020, Braden K. Core, Airforwarders Association's 2020 AirCargo Conference - Nashville, TN