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Transportation Brief: Spotlight on Scopelitis Emerging Tech Practice

Shannon M. Cohen, Gregory M. Feary, Craig J. Helmreich, Andrew K. Light, Nathaniel G. Saylor, Brandon K. Wiseman

March 28, 2019

The way transportation companies conduct business today is changing quicker than ever, with technology presenting new opportunities and challenges. The Scopelitis Firm actively follows these changes and frequently assists newly-formed, technology-based transportation companies and established companies that seek to adopt new technologies to enhance their existing business model. Our attorneys use their unique understanding of the regulatory structure and familiarity with the transportation industry to help companies incorporate rapidly changing technology into their business practices.

Scopelitis Partner Shannon Cohen helps lead the Firm’s Sharing Economy, Autonomous Vehicles, and Emerging Technologies Practice. Cohen monitors forthcoming and active legislation and regulation pertaining to issues affecting motor carriers, and possesses a comprehensive understanding of how regulations interact with and impact the design and use of emerging technology in the transportation industry.

Cohen works closely with Scopelitis President and Managing Partner Greg Feary to manage this quickly growing practice. During a time when regulations are often entrenched in transportation’s previous low-tech era, Feary’s extensive experience in the transportation space provides insight that results in creative legal and practical solutions to some of the most technical legal problems involving innovation. 

“Our primary focus remains being ahead of the curve when it comes to what our clients need to know to keep up with this fast-paced industry,” said Feary. “Our Firm’s contacts within the transportation industry - and years of experience in creating new and alternative business models to solve problems - help us offer innovative, legally-sound solutions to new technology in a heavily regulated industry.”

For questions regarding Scopelitis’ Sharing Economy, Autonomous Vehicles, and Emerging Technologies practice, visit our website to connect with Shannon Cohen, Greg Feary, Craig Helmreich, Andy Light, Nathaniel Saylor, or Brandon Wiseman


Scopelitis’ Transportation Brief® is intended as a report to our clients and friends on developments affecting the transportation industry. The published material does not constitute an exhaustive legal study and should not be regarded or relied upon as individual legal advice or opinion.


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