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Transportation Brief: What Will It Take to Return to The Office?

by Alaina  C. Hawley, David D. Robinson

Jun 2, 2021

The prospect of a return to in-person work raises a myriad of issues for employers. Aside from the proper timing, employers should begin preparing plans to address: whether vaccinations will be required; whether there will be a ramped-up return or a fixed date for everyone; whether remote work will continue to be an option for some or all employees; how to respond to questions from employees who are reluctant to return or concerned about in-person safety protocols; how to respond to requests for special accommodations due to religion or disability; the level of safety protocols (e.g., masks, distancing, etc.) that will be necessary when everyone returns; and how to monitor and keep up with evolving CDC/OSHA guidance. Finally, employers should also keep an eye on the legislation being presented in many states that would restrict an employer’s ability to require or even inquire about vaccination in certain situations.



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