Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.


Practice Areas

Air and Ocean Regulation, Transactions, and Litigation

Transportation and logistics companies are increasingly called upon to assist clients with the movement of goods domestically and globally by air and ocean. This is true not only for entities actually performing or arranging international moves, but also for “pure” domestic service providers that arrange or transport the first or last leg of an international shipment. The Scopelitis firm assists companies directly participating in the international air and ocean markets in addition to those providing services with respect to the domestic portion of such moves.

Our experience covers both air and ocean transportation, along with cross-border trucking and U.S. Customs issues that can affect timely and economic movements of goods. Air and ocean transportation involves unique issues of compliance and supply chain security for companies participating both directly and indirectly in the market. The Scopelitis firm is capable of assisting its clients in attaining the operating standards to not only participate, but also succeed in the air and ocean transportation and logistics arenas. Whether the cargo is entering, exiting or transiting the U.S., we have the experience needed to lay the foundation for a successful and seamless move by providing assistance in areas of air and ocean regulation including the following:

  • TSA air cargo security compliance
  • FAA HazMat/Dangerous Goods compliance
  • FMC compliance
  • OTI registration
  • IATA/CNS registration and compliance
  • C-TPAT certification and appeals
  • U.S. and Canadian customs bonds

Transportation by air and/or ocean also presents transactional and contract-related issues unique to those modes of transport. The Scopelitis firm provides guidance and assistance to transportation and logistics providers through preparation, review and analysis of the key documents needed to facilitate such moves, such as:

  • Air charter agreements
  • Air waybill terms and conditions
  • Service agreements
  • NVOCC service arrangements
  • Tariff review and analysis
  • Agency agreements
  • Bill of lading terms and conditions
  • Project cargo moves

In addition to serving clients with respect to individual transactions and documents, the firm assists in implementing door-to-door international service offerings. By definition, international services involve multiple countries, which can entail various legal and regulatory obligations and criteria that are not always consistent. Leveraging the firm’s international contacts, as well as those of our clients, we help our clients understand regulatory obligations, identify potential areas of concern, and coordinate creation of all commercial documents necessary to arrange transportation to or from foreign locations both legally and efficiently.

When the need arises after or even during an air or ocean shipment that has not gone as planned, the Scopelitis firm also provides proactive pre-litigation and litigation services and advice on claims involving the legal issues presented, including the following types of disputes:

  • Cargo loss, damage and delay claims
  • TSA air cargo security investigations and civil penalties
  • FAA HazMat/Dangerous Goods investigations and civil penalties
  • Stoppage in transit
  • Detention and demurrage disputes
  • FMC proceedings
  • Freight charge disputes
  • CBP fines, penalties and forfeitures
  • UIIA disputes