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Practice Areas

Insurance & Risk Management Regulatory Compliance

Through the years, the Scopelitis firm has assisted its motor carrier clients and insurance carriers serving the trucking industry in understanding the complex legal interrelation between insurance coverages and the trucking business. We have helped insurance carriers design policies that respond to the needs of the trucking industry, such as occupational accident insurance policies. We have also helped motor carriers and their insurance brokers tailor insurance coverages that provide the optimum insurance protection given the practical considerations of cost and the individualized operations of the motor carrier client. If the situation calls for legal analysis and advice on workers' compensation insurance coverage and premiums based on the application of the NCCI's rules or other state-specific rules or if assistance is needed in obtaining public liability self-insurance through the Department of Transportation, we have the experience to meet our clients' needs. Our experience includes advising clients on both the legal and business ramifications of a myriad of legal and business issues such as:

  • Minimizing exposure while reducing posted security requirements such as expensive deposits and costly letters of credit
  • Obtaining coverage through insurance products such as high-deductible insurance, retrospective rated insurance, or multi-tiered policies
  • Forming a risk retention group
  • Establishing a captive insurer
  • Forming a risk purchasing group
  • Forming or participating in a reciprocal insurer or a group self-insurance program

Our relationship with knowledgeable transportation insurance brokers throughout the country helps establish a team approach to problem solving. We have found that, through the joint efforts of our attorneys and these knowledgeable transportation insurance brokers, state regulatory problems, coverage problems, premium disputes, and costly litigation can be either expediently resolved or simply avoided. While other firms have focused on the traditional adversarial approach as a first resort, we believe in preventive strategies with litigation remaining the last of available options.