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Legislative Services

Scopelitis recognizes that, to prepare for potential risks and strategic opportunities, businesses of all sizes must stay informed regarding regulatory and legislative change. As the political climate in our country shifts, we want to remind our clients of our continued commitment to responsiveness during periods of rapid transformation at both the state and federal level.

While direct participation in legislative and regulatory initiatives may seem, and often is, unnecessary in many situations, a business that is up to speed on the relevant legislative and regulatory developments is best positioned to determine when to engage in the myriad requests for grassroots activism or when to request further engagement from industry resources (such as the American Trucking Associations, appropriate state trucking associations, or other industry or retail association).
Our goal is to help you understand how policy change may affect your transportation business so you can shape your near-term and long-term plans accordingly.  Without looking at the landscape of potential change created by the political branches at the federal and state level, it is difficult to evaluate strategic and business opportunities.   We take a customized concierge approach to addressing the issues most important to you. While we offer advice on an array of matters, there are a few legislative areas in which we anticipate seeing increased activity during 2017. These areas include:

  • Wage and Hour issues
  • Labor and Employment issues
  • Safety issues
  • Business and Contractual issues
  • Emerging Technologies issues
  • Infrastructure funding

Our firm offers direct access to our legislative team and tailored feedback that addresses your questions about policies and regulations that stand to affect your operations.  As part of our concierge consulting, our firm can help you meet your planning needs with these services:

  • Issue Reports: Issue Reports provide a comprehensive summary of a particular issue at the federal level, in all 50 states, or within a subset of states relevant to your business.  That includes a brief overview of the relevant legislation, along with a summary of the potential impact it might have on your bottom line.  These are published when legislative activity relating to a particular issue warrants. 
  • Board Reports: A customized Board Report provides relevant insight into pending legislation. We deliver this insight in a meaningful, digestible format that fosters action-oriented conversations. Board reports can be provided on a pre-determined annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis, or can be assembled upon request.
  • Legislative Digest: Tracking legislation at the federal and state level is a time-consuming, convoluted undertaking.  News alerts alone do not provide context to potential legislative impact on the transportation industry. Scopelitis’ bi-monthly legislative digests are written by our seasoned industry professionals and pair legislative activity with informed narrative.  This subscription service also includes access to quarterly interactive webinars where experts unpack legislative developments.
  • Strategic Legislation and Regulatory Action: Businesses often have a clear plan for their future, but face regulatory or legislative hurdles to executing their strategic vision.  We can provide targeted strategic and technical advice to businesses seeking legislative change that will advance the transportation industry. Proactive strategic and technical advice is invaluable in shaping policies that will determine your business’ future. In addition, we can also assist you in drafting comments to proposed regulations for submission to regulatory agencies and testimony in support of or against a proposed statute or regulation.
  • Responsive Advice: During times of rapid change within the industry, a business may not understand or anticipate the effect legislation will have on its operations until after it has passed. We can provide timely, targeted, responsive advice regarding the impact of a particular piece of legislation, as well as a strategy to minimize the consequences of a legislative change. This advice may range from updating best practices to a legislative strategy that will minimize negative implications.

For additional information contact the Scopelitis legislative team, led by Greg Feary, Shannon Cohen and Prasad Sharma, to further explore how we may provide the most well-tailored service for you.