Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.


Practice Areas

Litigation and Appellate

Litigation: Often, business disputes can be avoided by careful business planning. Our approach, regardless of the type of law involved, employs a preventive strategy designed to avoid controversy and the expensive litigation that can result. Nevertheless, if serious controversy arises, litigation may be the only effective means by which to enforce our clients' rights or defend their interests. Under such circumstances, the Scopelitis firm stands ready to pursue litigation in the most efficient fashion possible.

Our litigation team serves all of our practice areas. For example, when a cargo claim, an employment-related issue, an equipment lease, or an independent contractor transaction produces a lawsuit, our attorneys are available to defend the claim in state or federal court. If an insurance coverage issue or a real estate transaction produces a controversy that is not amenable to a negotiated resolution, the clients' rights will be zealously represented in the ensuing lawsuit. Additionally, we have substantial experience in advocating the position of clients in safety, tax, cargo security, hazardous materials, and other regulatory and enforcement proceedings at both the administrative agency and court system levels.

Importantly, clients often require our services as the result of highway accidents. Personal injury and property damage claims thus account for a significant part of our litigation practice. An experienced team of attorneys and professional staff serves insurance companies responsible for the defense of such claims, and we also regularly defend the interests of motor carriers that are self-insured or carry high deductibles.

From our experience, we know that all litigation requires careful planning, clear goals, and a strategic evaluation of the risks involved. Claims are investigated promptly, and clients are kept well informed as the litigation progresses. We also ask clients to participate in the decision-making process attendant to each stage of the litigation. It is, after all, the clients' interests that are at stake, and we recognize that effective advocacy requires not just the use of lawyering skills but also an understanding of the clients' viewpoint and the financial concerns at issue.

Appellate Practice: Appellate practice is an important adjunct to our litigation services. Sometimes, an appeal is necessary to clarify the law or to simply right the wrong when the uncertainties of litigation produce an adverse result. Many times, however, it is just as important to defend an appeal taken by one's adversary in order to protect a favorable judgment. Our trial attorneys lend assistance to our experienced appellate practitioners because we believe the trial lawyers most familiar with the case should be close at hand so that the appeal may be prosecuted in a cost-effective and efficient manner.