Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.


Sharing Economy, Autonomous Vehicles, and Emerging Technologies

The way in which transportation companies conduct business is quickly changing, with technology presenting new opportunities as well as new challenges. The Scopelitis Firm assists newly-formed technology-based transportation companies as well as established companies adopting new technologies to enhance an existing business model. Our attorneys use their unique understanding of the regulatory structure and familiarity with the industry to help companies effectively incorporate rapidly changing technology into their transportation practices.

A comprehensive understanding of how existing regulations interact with and impact the design and use of technology in the transportation space allows our attorneys to apply creative legal and practical solutions to some of the most technical legal problems surrounding innovation in transportation, as a time when regulations are often entrenched in a prior era. Our contacts within the industry and years of experience in creating new and alternative business models to solve problems establishes a solid foundation from which companies may base legally sound - yet innovative - solutions to new technology in a well-established and heavily regulated industry.

We are immersed in all aspects of the transportation-related sharing or gig economy, including application-based logistics and Transportation Network Companies; with navigating the use and development of autonomous vehicles; and with other uses of technology to leverage the efficiency gains that might be realized by incorporating new technology.

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